Gerald Posner at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas November 7, 2013

Gerald Posner at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas November 7, 2013
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Author Revealed"

My life in 8 words? Greatest fear? Motto? Fantasy profession? Advice to new writers? Pithy and fun "Author Revealed" Q&A from Simon and Schuster

It's from 2009 but the my answers would be largely the same

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oklahoma City bombing - John Doe 2??

Got a call from a ABC radio affiliate interested in doing an interview about whether there was a John Doe 2 in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Say what?

Is there a Vatican connection?  

Turns out that I missed the other day that an attorney has finally gotten to trial in his suit against the FBI, charging they withheld a key video that supposedly showed a second suspect (

I had to pass on the interview.  Deadline anxiety.  But I did direct them to the investigation into that very question I did back in 1997 for the New Yorker.  Now it is on Kindle.  Maybe the trial can answer some of those issues that stumped me nearly 20 years ago....

Check my the long form article I wrote on Kindle in '97

Friday, July 25, 2014

New poll: remarkable drop in conspiracy view of JFK assassination

21 years ago when I published Case Closed, it felt pretty lonely saying that Oswald alone killed JFK. Almost 90% of Americans thought Oliver Stone was a historian. A new Rasmussen poll shows a remarkable sea change in how people see the assassination.

***45% think only one shooter. Only 32% think more than one assassin***

I'd like to think that Case Closed has played a role over the years in moving that opinion

The poll

Get Case Closed

Monday, July 21, 2014

GOD'S BANKERS: Cover and description finally out

The cover and description for my forthcoming history of the finances of the Vatican is finally available

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cleaning up the Vatican Bank

A good article in today's The Tablet by my colleague Jason Berry, about the effort to clean up the Vatican Bank. It's the first time I've made some public comments prior to the publication of my book, 'God's Bankers' next February 

The Tablet - 12 July 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

How many ways are there to say 'thanks'?

How many ways are there to say thanks?

‘Thanks’ to Trisha Posner by Gerald Posner in his books:

Mengele (1986)

I was a co-author so there was a joint thank you to our wives: “Finally, and most important, we thank our wives, Trisha Posner and Helena Ware, who have lived with Josef Mengele for five years, and whose support and positive attitudes contributed to and are part of every aspect of this book.  It was they who stayed the course, especially during the hectic summer of 1985. It was they who deserve ultimate credit for this record being written.”

Warlords of Crime (1988)

Before thanking them I must first pay tribute to my wife, Trisha, and not merely because she suffered in patience while I toiled on this book.  She was my fearless, indomitable, and resourceful partner, accompanying me on most of my journeys, even to countries where the work was uncomfortable and dangerous. Often dealing with faceless, unprincipled, desperate people, who necessarily inhabit the criminal and narcotics underworld, her unerring judgment and commonsense approach proved invaluable in sustaining my own equilibrium and preventing me from falling into the pitfalls that dot the road of such research.  At various times she has played the role of researcher, secretary, interviewer, organizer, and unofficial editor.  There would be no book without her.

Hitler’s Children (1991)

Finally, last but certainly not least, I pay tribute to my wife, Trisha.  As she has in the past, she proved to be my constant and cherished source of motivation.  From helping me with the research to reading and criticizing innumerable rough drafts, she lived with this book from its inception.  She is my ingenious partner, without whom this book would not be possible.

Case Closed (1993)

My wife, Trisha, is truly my muse.  She is my inspiration at every stage of my work, even enduring my frequent self-doubt when I constantly tormented her with my worries about organizing the masses of information into a solid manuscript by the deadline.  She invaluably assists me on each of my projects.  Depending on the subject, she endures the daily invasion of figures and trappings from another period.  I know she will be happy to no longer live with the shadow of Lee Oswald.  There would be no book without her.

Perot (1996)

Finally, I must pay tribute to my wife, Trisha.  She works on each of my books, travels with me to conduct the interviews and archival work, organizes the file cabinets of information at home, and scans hundreds of documents into the computer.  She listens to my own interminable self-doubts, and then reads every draft of the manuscript, always improving it with her insightful criticisms.  She was responsible for first turning my attention to Ross Perot and third-party politics.  I am blessed to have her as my partner.  This book is as much hers as mine.

Killing the Dream (1998)

And most of all, I pay tribute to my wife, my soul mate, Trisha.  Once again, I have incurred a debt to her that I can never repay.  Describing her role as researcher, interviewer, webmaster, photocopier, and unofficial editor only partly explains what she does.  Trisha also provides unselfish love and nurturing, and her uncanny intuition and commitment to the truth guide me daily.  I cannot imagine tackling these projects, all-consuming as they are, without her at my side.  Since my name is on the book jacket, I get the credit, but this is very much a team effort, and Killing the Dream is as much hers as mine.  I am blessed to have her as my partner.

Motown (2002)

Those lucky enough to know my wife, Trisha, understand that it is not hyperbole to say there would be no book without her.  She is my indefatigable partner, not only a dream of a spouse but also an author in her own right as well as the collaborator on all my work.  Trisha does every interview with me, spends months sifting through documents and libraries and private collections, and helps on everything from the first draft through all the revisions.  Maybe one day I shall finally be successful in convincing her that her name belongs on the front cover as much as mine.

Why America Slept (2003)

Finally, although only my name is on the front of this book, anyone who knows me realizes that anything I do that is worthwhile in life is a result of the amazing relationship I have with my wife, Trisha.  An author in her own right, Trisha is a research maven, and I never cease to be amazed by her persistence and the information she covers.  But much more than that, she is my muse, not only the person who inspires me, but also the reason for any success I have. She is my eternal partner.

Secrets of the Kingdom (2005)

It is getting more difficult in each book to thank my wife, Trisha, as I am running out of synonyms for "indispensable" and "fantastic.”  She has been my inseparable partner since my first project on Josef Mengele in the early 1980s, but her role with my books has evolved.  Initially, Trisha was an indefatigable researcher, her natural inquisitiveness leading to wonderful reporting discoveries.  Then, as she became more confident in her work, she helped me choose book subjects, marshal the voluminous research into cogent outlines, and eventually help with rough chapter drafts and a keen editing eye.  Anyone who knows her marvels at her enthusiasm, and I get the benefit of sharing that tremendous energy with her in our work. Her passion fuels me.  I must sound like a broken record when I say she deserves to have her name on the front of the book as much as mine. Trisha is a published author in her own right, and one day I may convince her to share the book byline as well as the monthly column we do for Ocean Drive.  To her I say thanks with all my heart; my gratitude knows no bounds.

Miami Babylon  (2009)

Anyone who knows me realizes how lucky I am to have Trisha as my wife and partner. She does every interview with me, some on her own, and sifts through the boxes of often tedious documents and frayed clippings.  She is my indomitable collaborator, listening to incessant complaints and self-doubt, and keeping me focused and enthusiastic to the long reporting.  She has a knack for knowing what is important and helps prevent me from taking long detours into interesting but unrelated topics. Until she one day allows me to put her name on the front of the book, this thank you is my only way of saying that Miami Babylon is as much hers as it is mine.

Note:  For a novel, the 1989 Bio-Assassins, there were no acknowledgments.